Erhan Mengusoglu holds a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering (1995) and a M.Sc. in Computer Science (1999) from Hacettepe> University, Turkey. He obtained his PhD at Faculte Polytechnique de Mons (Belgium) in May 2004. His thesis work consisted in exploring different kind of confidence measures that can be applied to speech and speaker recognition. After teaching various courses at University and Baskent University in Turkey, he started working at IBM Hursley Laboratories in United Kingdom as a speech engineer in September 2005. As a speech engineer he developed speech recognition models for embedded devices for about two years. He then moved to the Modelplex research project partly supported by EU and IBM on model based architectures for system management. His latest role in IBM Hursley consists of system testing and development for IBM WebSphere Business Events product which is a J2EE application that can connect to an Enterprise Service Bus and detect event patterns defined by business users. He also worked as a consultant supporting both WebSphere Decision Server and WebSphere Message Broker software used by IBM customers.

Currently he is lecturing computer engineering courses and carrying out research on speech recognition, complex event processing and business process management.

Last update: June 2014